Instant Blueberry Granola with Milk

Blueberry Granola_Pouch

Perfect for your next hunting, fishing or camping trip and with a storage life of up to 10 years (a lot longer if stored under correct conditions) it’s a great addition to your long-term food storage plans.

Funny Fishermans T-Shirt

Sure to start a conversation about the big one that got away and a must wear for your next fishing trip. It’s made from 100% cotton and is lightweight, and classic fit, with double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Electronic Digital Fishing Hanging Hook Scale

fish scale

Know how big that the “big one” really was with this electronic digital fishing scale. Portable digital scale with metal hand strap, powered by 2 AAA batteries that are included. 110lb/50kg capacity with 5g or 10g accuracy; LCD screen displays weight in g/kg/lb/oz. Even has a built-in tape measure! A must-have for your next fishing trip!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Canteen

water bottle

Durable & Hygenic Stainless Steel, Single Wall Body Construction. Sleek & Slim shaped to comfortably grab & carry with you while cycling, around the house, or in your car. BPA free plastic lid with Silicone Seal and Large Loop Handle for carrying or attachment.

Fire Starting Survival Carabiner Multi-Tool

edc tool

This is the most unique multi-tool that I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of multi-tools! Patent-pending Spark Wheel to help start fires easily, stainless steel safety blade to easily cut paracord, fishing line, and string, bottle opener, screwdriver tip and hang slots to connect keys or anything else with an appropriate ring or clasp. The perfect addition to your EDC kit.

Stop Bleeding Fast With WoundSeal


This is a must-have product for campers, hunters, backpackers, fishermen, and preppers. Stops bleeding instantly, even for people who bleed easily. Forms a protective seal/scab over the wound which falls off naturally as the wound heals. Nothing in, nothing out. Helps reduce the risk of infection. Read our full review here.

Stormproof Match Kit

water proof matches

Got fire? If you’re in an outdoor survival situation you better have the means to build and start a fire for warmth, cooking, and protection. Sure you could go all Bear Grylls on it and rub two sticks together until you pass out or worse, or you could use common sense and just bring some of these matches in a waterproof case.

US Military Speedhook Emergency Fishing Kit

speedhook kit

Made in the USA – Wow, I didn’t realize that anything was still being made in the good old U.S. of A! Speedhooks are a spring-loaded fish trap that greatly increases a fisherman’s chances of hooking a fish. This is a complete hand-fishing kit including Speedhook, line, and dehydrated bait provide the tools a downed airman needs to catch fish in a survival situation.

Yo Yo Fishing Reels (6 Pack)

fishing reel

I’ve used these and they work pretty well for catching dinner while you do other things like setting up your tent or building a fire. Features very sensitive trigger mechanism and adjustable spring tension. Spooled with 60# Test Nylon Line so the bigger ones don’t get away.

QuikClot Advanced Clotting Hemostatic Sponge

QuikClot Advanced Clotting Hemostatic Sponge

Be ready for accidents while camping, hunting, fishing or during a zombie apocalypse with a Quikclot Sponge! This is one of the most important items for your first-aid kit. It accelerates the body’s natural clotting ability and helps clot up to three times faster than blood on its own.